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Blog Top Trends in Home Renovation: Insights from Elevation Painting & Carpentry Professionals Mar 08, 2024

As a leading Painting & Home Renovations service company, the professionals at Elevation Painting & Carpentry stay informed about the latest trends in home renovation. In this blog post, we will share some insights on the top trends in home renovation that you should consider for your next project.

1. Sustainable Materials

One of the biggest trends in home renovation right now is the use of sustainable materials. More and more homeowners are opting for eco-friendly options when it comes to building materials, flooring, and fixtures. Not only are sustainable materials better for the environment, but they also contribute to a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. At Elevation Painting & Carpentry, we can help you select and integrate sustainable materials into your renovation project.

2. Open Concept Design

Open concept design continues to be a popular trend in home renovation. This design style creates a seamless flow between different living spaces, making your home feel more spacious and inviting. Whether you are looking to update a kitchen, living room, or entire floor of your home, our team at Elevation Painting & Carpentry can help you achieve the open concept design you desire.

3. Smart Home Technology

The integration of smart home technology is another major trend in home renovation. From automated lighting and security systems to smart appliances and thermostats, homeowners are increasingly looking to make their homes more connected and convenient. If you are interested in incorporating smart home technology into your renovation project, our experts at Elevation Painting & Carpentry can help you select and install the right solutions for your needs.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating outdoor living spaces has become a popular trend for homeowners looking to extend their living space beyond the walls of their home. Whether you want to build a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen, our team at Elevation Painting & Carpentry can help you design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

5. Bold Color Choices

While neutral colors have long been a safe choice for interior painting, more homeowners are embracing bold and vibrant colors to add personality and character to their homes. Whether you want to paint an accent wall, cabinets, or an entire room, our skilled painters at Elevation Painting & Carpentry can help you choose the perfect color for your space.

If you are considering a home renovation project, it is essential to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry. The professionals at Elevation Painting & Carpentry are here to help you incorporate these trends into your project and create a home that reflects your style and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our Painting & Staining & Home Renovations services!

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